My aunty Sarah could not understand

Why people went to town to buy their veg

She had grown it all her life

I saw it in the glen

Her vegetable patch to envy even then


She was getting on in years

Her vigour slowing down

And yet her conversation

Would see the sun go down

The welcome and the boxty

Her talk to entertain

It’s true what they say

We will never ever see her like again


She would have something to say

About the way we live today

The cost of living and the price of bread

She rarely left the glen

Her life there she would spend

But all the world was kept there in her head


I see a farmer in the Hebrides

Is worried about the cost of everything

So he’s going to grow is own

The veg is back again

And turf he’s going to cut

To keep him warm


It reminded me of Sarah in the glen

Of her life her wisdom way back then

The days I spent on holiday

The meals I then enjoyed

And Sarah talking

Delight so unalloyed


Brian Fahy

28 March 2022

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