I’m waiting for the war to end

It can’t go on too long

Our modern world is instant send

And someone will write a song


And everyone is saying stop

Except that little man

Who sits alone at Russia’s top

Vladimir Putin


And how to talk to enemies

That’s a challenge now

Be careful when extempore

They hear it in Moscow


Launching words like javelins

Adding fuel to fire

What we need is wisdom-ings

To lessen all the ire


Christ when captive took a blow

From the High Priest’s man

Tell my why you stoop so low

Answer if you can


In the court of Pilate

A dialogue took place

Accused condemned to a cruel fate

The Lord stood in his place


A king I am and you shall see

Coming on the clouds

The truth when all is said of me

In whispers and out loud


I am the way you are looking for

The truth the life the peace

Lay down your weapons leave this gore

It is time for war to cease


Brian Fahy

27 March 2022

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