Walking Home

The bus home never came

So I walked

Two bags of shopping

Not overloaded but enough

I divided the journey home into sections


To give myself a sense of stages done

I rested twice on two low walls

To take my ease and gather strength

To get me home at last after chat with John


Exhausted I fell asleep upstairs

Half an hour I guess not too long

Better had I been sitting in a chair

Lying down not a clever way all wrong

But I am getting old I have to say

I need the bus

Next time I’ll have to stay

And wait however long it takes

There is no hurry

Not for me these days

It’s nice and easy

No calls on me no demands at all

Be grateful for the peaceful life

No bombs on this place fall


Negative thoughts are not allowed in here

No moaning no complaints you’ll hear from me

Depression came and went I’m glad to say

And left a lesson leant for me each day

Whenever a negative feeling comes along

I say out loud as if I sing a song

You’re not ill  – You’re not in hospital

Be grateful for the day and live it well


Brian Fahy

26 March 2022

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