Castle Lacken

Castle Lacken far away

Forlorn and overgrown

Grey stone walled perimeter

Once a fine fair home

Set upon a rise of ground

A lookout on the sea

And lands galore to comfort you

What is your history?


Sherriff of Mayo in your time

Landlord of the plain

Roger Palmer the fateful lord

Cruelty your game

Drove the peasants off the land

If they could not pay

Your house is left a ruin now

Landlords have had their day


Haunting beauty found one day

Fifty years ago

Stopped the car and looked around

Fine estate I know

1912 is up for sale

Nothing came of that

1925 revealed

Every stone laid flat


The birth of the Republic

Laid these mansions low

Moore Hall put to flames

Sad to see that go

For Moore himself was fair to all

A help when times were hard

But Palmer and his like were cruel

Their home a house of card


The fields of Lacken quiet now

And gently rolls the sea

The beauty of this countryside

A special joy to me

But ruins now remind me

How humans spoil the day

When greed eats up all kindness

And turns beauty to decay


Brian Fahy

26 March 2022


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