I Am Loved

I have always known that I am loved

My mother’s love sustains me to this day

My father’s gentle presence gives me strength

In life I’ve never known another way


Only when we’re loved can we grow

The soil and gentle rain of nourishment

Tender plants protected from the cold

Blessed by love and every sentiment


Jesus in his day simply loved

Gave his life he said to ransom us

Ransom us from sin and selfishness

Gave his life for us upon the cross


Even as he died he said forgive

Forgive them for they know not what they do

The crucified has shown us how to live

In every single thing I do for you


Brian Fahy

26 March 2022


+ Jesus loved every person who came to him. He acted with love towards every one. Even Pilate, who would finally condemn him to death, was treated with honesty and kindness in their conversation.


People need to be loved. When we are loved we grow and we flourish. We can cope with life when we are loved. Being loved teaches us how to love. Love is the great secret of life, the power of life, the power for life.


All wrongdoing proceeds from people who do not know love. Jesus lived what he preached. He was the embodiment of the love of God in this world. In his Spirit we are now the love of God in this world.

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