Human Health

As disease can spread

So can health

And changing the world begins

With changing me

My spiritual condition

This is now my mission

I help you most

When I am helping me


Talking to a counsellor

Brought me back to health

How? I open up to one who cares

There is no condemnation

No jarring words no spite

Attentive listening

A soothing balm

Brings me to the light


And I can be for others

As the counsellor was for me

A calming presence

Loving faithfully

Open self to God each day

Let the spirit in

And by your loving over sight

Rid this world of sin


Brian Fahy

15 March 2022


+ A news item today highlights the issue of mental health and the great numbers of people suffering in this way. We often react by saying to ourselves that there is nothing we can do. That is a great mistake. Our ability to influence the world around us is great. We need to understand this.

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