The Dying Day

This was the day my father died

My world changed forever

Suddenly loss was at my side

The wall was breached

The incoming tide

Washed over me

And looking outside

The world seemed the same

And totally changed

And I a fatherless child


Down the pit when I was young

He hardly saw the shining sun

Like all miners enjoyed his pint

Especially on a Saturday night

Then lost his health and still so young

Then mum’s career of work began

And old age came and settled down

His Hindsford days a peaceful crown

And then his lungs gave out one day

And then he died

Today today


But now we hold his life together

And celebrate a loving father

I feel his nearness all the time

Fatherless days did not last long

Looks he gave and things he said

Forever here inside my head

And most of all his faithful love

Steadies me still on the road

Sadness lifts it goes away

My father’s love is here to stay


Brian Fahy

15 March 2022

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