Sword or Word

Communism is cruel to its own

Think of Stalin’s purges

Siberian prison camps

Clamp down on all media

Not allowed free speech

Opponents put in prison

Or poisoned in the street


And Russia is fearful of the West

Suspicious untrusting cold of heart

What kind of life is that to live!

Force and fear living on your nerve


China Russia North Korea

Autocratic power

Rule by cruel enforcement

People made to cower

And Trump would like to be like them

Democracy has had its day

Let the strong man have his hour

Power is all the play


There is no life without suffering

That is very clear

Jesus in Gethsemane

Felt the sweat the fear

Felt the blows of cruel men

Let silence speak for him

Stood in Pilate’s court the man

We should follow him


This is crucifixion

Cross and nail and spear

Ukraine now the Calvary

Bystanders draw near

Support we give as best we can

We do not draw the sword

Only the word of God can solve

The troubles of this world


Brian Fahy

10 March 2022

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