Keeping Watch

We use words

To put the world to rights

Especially over a pint and in a pub

It’s easy then

The ale is comforting

And gentle friends have kindly ears

Where others don’t and therein

Lies the rub


And words now

Reporting violence

And bombs on hospitals

Children under rubble

We watch on not knowing what to do

Make things worse or let them be

Either way a curse on me and you


Use words well

Appeal for war to stop

Appeal for talks and talk

Before our anger reaches boiling point

And words give way to weapons

And weapons wreck the joint


 And pray to God

To give us strength to be

Honest citizens who suffer patiently

The slings and arrows of this dreadful time

Have mercy Lord on us

And make us wise

To help the afflicted

And end this cruel crime


Brian Fahy

9 March 2022

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