Little England

England is rich in its people

Irish Scots Welsh to name a few

The folk who came from Pakistan

To work our northern mills

And open corner shops

Sitting all day at the tills

The Windrush generation

Leaving sunny homes

To run the London underground

Drive buses out to Barnes

Then those Kenyan Asians

Expelled and sent our way

Gifted clever Indians

Now with us to stay

And Jews from Eastern Europe

Fleeing Russian hate

Something they call pogroms

Over ‘ere now mate

And Italians Italians

Here a good while now

Selling us good ice cream

Johnny Orsi take a bow

Of late we saw the Poles arrive

EU’s latest gift

Until that thing called Brexit

Brought another rift

Yes England is rich in people

Anglo-Saxons too

We are all mixed up together

Makes a heady brew


Except except for Tories

You know the sort I mean

Upper class lots of brass

Take tea with the queen

There’s a certain type of Englishman

I really can’t abide

They’ve been ruling us since God knows when

Above the common tribe

They have always had the money

Always had the land

Natural party of government

Them I cannot stand

The sceptred isle is beautiful

The people good to know

But the ruling class God help us

I really wish they’d go


Brian Fahy

10 March 2022


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