How Deep is your Virtue?

I feel so angry

I would just want to go and shoot him



But if I got there

I wouldn’t hit him

I would just want him to see sense

Striking him or killing him

Wouldn’t do the job

What job?

Helping him to see

The folly of his ways

The senseless slaughter

The price that others pay

When we give in to anger lust and greed

The seven deadly sins

That serve our selfish needs


We cannot go to war

War must cease

It gains nothing

But sorrows to increase


We’ve suffered injustice

Suffered long enough

We’ll suffer some more

We’re made of sterner stuff

There’s plenty wrong

We cannot right it all

We’ll persevere

Whatever might befall


We are part of this

It will not go away

So stock up on your virtue

And allow yourself to pray


Brian Fahy

11 March 2022

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