Where The River Flows

Between the Muing and Glencullen River

Sits Aunty Sarah’s house

All closed up today

The family away

It marks the origin of my life

Immaculate conception

Is that why I’m fixated so

On this corner of creation


Down from the house a meadowland

And a path down to the river

And facing you is Tuiscean Hill

Oval shaped and heather

And sheep are dotted here and there

Dwellings dotted too

And down below is a shining lake

Carrowmore in view


Half way down that beaten path

You come upon a sound

The babbling of water

The river’s holy ground

One moment all is silence

A lark high in the air

The next the sound of murmuring

Of water running near


A deep hole by the river

Bottomless we were told

Wise advice from adults

To keep us from being bold

And here the river shallow

Translucent over stones

Pebbles in the flow of life

Beyond them darker tones


Deep bog brown in places

The water here slows down

Almost to a standstill

Deep dark waters frown

Then dancing over shallows

Shiny pebbles gleam

And trout are darting here and there

Rejoicing in the stream


This river was the lifeblood

For people in the glen

They gathered its water every day

To cook and wash and clean

They made their homes along its bank

Its faithful waters true

And emigrants returned again

To smile and look at you


This is no mighty Shannon

With proud wide riverbanks

No sailing boats no monasteries

Adorn its shining flanks

It is just a humble bog brown stream

Flows into Carrowmore

But it gave life to all my clan

I could not ask for more


Brian Fahy

8 March 2022

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