Cheltenham, Michael

My father’s anniversary coming soon

Tuesday 15th of March

Day and date exact

Opening of the Cheltenham Festival

A perfect day for him to die

He loved the horses well


He stabled them and groomed them in his day

Out in India for officers

Sunny times in far off climes

North West Frontier too

He kept a monkey as a pet

Funny what you do


Excellent at football

Captain of his team

Scouted then for Arsenal

That would have been a dream

But then the year was ‘39

All dreams were put to bed

Six years war ahead of him

The world confused with dread


The theatres of war he saw

Iraq and Lebanon

Desert Rat in Libya

Fighting Rommel’s gun

D Day landings Normandy

Fighting all round Caen

Battle of the Bulge in Belgium

Then on to Nijmegen


Finally at the end of war

Out on a patrol

He arrests a German soldier

And sends him up the line

Turns out that man was Himmler

Monster of that name

Brought to book by a Tyldesley lad

A quiet claim to fame


In later years a quiet pint

A bet upon a horse

Simple little pleasures

Helped him stay the course

Final days in hospital

A father and a friend

Died in my mother’s arms he did

Faithful to the end


Brian Fahy

8 March 2022



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