Panorama in the Glen


A sunny morning in my mother’s glen

Everything delighted way back then

Waking up to sunshine

Turf fire blazing bright

Eggs and bacon on the table

All the world is right


The meadow and the meadow grass

Soft to lie upon

A carpet of wild flowers in the breeze

A walk down to the river

Darting trout to see

A field full of potatoes

Growing there for me


Hens and chickens clucking

Collie dogs at rest

Cousins round for playing games

Bad Eggs we played best

Horizons far and filled with hills

Dotted now with sheep

A whole wide world to play in

Till it’s time for sleep


And to the south and standing tall

Slievemore shines in the sun

A sentinel to guard us all

And we all having fun

And Carrowmore is glinting

White houses on the hill

And the lake is quietly murmuring

I can I see it still


What is this paradise I find

With each returning year

How wonderful it is to know

My mother came from here

And though we all have left it now

It stays here in my mind

Those happy mornings long ago

When all the world was kind


Brian Fahy

7 March 2022

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