Delia recommends an hour of silence

At 80 mind she can afford the time

And I at 75 the same opinion

Silence is a very good friend of mine


I like some noise

The radio in the morning

Radio 4 brings me all the news

And every now and again I want some music

Bryan Ferry is a recent one I choose


And Five Live for football is a winner

I often prefer the radio to TV

The human voice the chat is stimulating

When often on the screen ‘there’s nowt to see’


But there are times we need to sit in stillness

And let the silence be a soothing balm

Empty the mind of all that fussing

And let the waves bring in a peaceful calm


My father is for me a great example

Of one who sat and quietly let life be

And from those times of silence came his wisdom

A few choice words were gold dust then to me


Brian Fahy

 March 6 2022

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