Old Drover Road

People driving cattle down to Newport

Left a scar a road upon the hill

High up above the bog the cows were driven

You can see it there upon the hillside still


No tarmac there no pavement ‘neath your footsteps

Just the beaten path they walked so long

From Bangor down to Newport for the market

To sell their beef and maybe sing a song


A Heritage Trail today a path for walkers

A place for exploration in the wild

Mountain streams and corries heather underfoot

And all the while the sea out far and wide


My roots are here along the Bangor Trail

My mother from Glencullen in the north

And to the south is Slinaun my grandfather’s place

They left this trail to find what they were worth


My mother met my father in the war

They honeymooned when everything had eased

They crossed the Erris wilderness in hopes of better things

Nine months later I turned up

I trust that they were pleased


I am a son of Erris through and through

Though growing up far from that Bangor hill

I returned so many times and walked the land

And looked upon that scar that sits there still


Images of cattle and of men

Old ghosts from way back God knows when

And on the hill the beaten path remains

To tell of yesteryear and Erris rains


Brian Fahy

6 March 2022

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