Testing in the Desert

People will do anything for money

Steal a digger to attack an ATM

Destroy the wall to get at all the money

Honest to God you wouldn’t be up to them


Pile a load of people in a lorry

Forget about their need for food or air

Open up and find you have dead body

Escape if you can you do not care


Put them in a dinghy on the ocean

Cast them off you have their money now

What happens then hell or just high water

Doesn’t bother you not anyhow


The drama of this world is good and evil

We like to think we’re good but have a care

The slightest fall from grace can start a landslide

You’ll have a struggle coming up for air


The testing of Jesus in the desert

Throws up to us a strong and certain light

The word of God his worship now is vital

Or else your life will be a sorry sight


Brian Fahy

5 March 2022

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