Abroad in the World

We left our house our home our happy place

And walked side by side along the road

And across the Piggy Bridge the great divide

Where Hindsford Brook gave on to Hindsford side

And past the smell of pigs and abattoir

To the busy road where lollipop men abide

And finally into the noise of children playing

Hindsford school and yard and children running

Until the whistle blew for forming lines

And into class to sit on wooden benches

And later have school dinners at long tables

And out to play even in the snow

And in the afternoon returning home

Across the bridge of sighs to Shakerley Road

To where a happy collie dog was waiting

His wagging tail we’re home at our abode


That trek to school taught us to meet the world

To stay together be safe along the way

To cross a brook and then a busy road

And find a home from home in happy friends


We left home later on for good and sure

And walked long roads whose end we did not know

And we’ve crossed bridges some were even burning

Passed abattoirs were killing carries on

But family and friends have kept us going

Perhaps a collie dog will come in view

To welcome us at last this world’s last walking

I’ve waited here I’ve waited just for you


Brian Fahy

5 March 2022

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