Not Bread Alone


I made soda bread this morning

Made it to my mother’s recipe

All the usual ingredients

And then you add a drop of cold tea

You make a cross and pray

It be a good one

And later on I slice a piece for me

But much as I love my soda bread

I need the word of God to nourish me


I’ve climbed to the top of the mountain

And sat there happy looking out to sea

And taken in the mountains and the islands

And the waves of Clew Bay flowing in to me

The views go on forever over mountains

To the far horizon beyond the sea of blue

But all the wealth of ocean and of hillside

But serves to help me fall and worship you


I’ve climbed to heights within the church’s clergy

Ordained a priest to serve the people well

I was lecturer and chaplain preacher and PP

I was faithful in the job that I can tell

I left because I needed my own family

Wife and child were calling out to me

I have carried on as preacher since my leaving

The Lord indeed has been very good to me


Brian Fahy

5 March 2022


+ Today’s story of the testing of Jesus in the wilderness speaks of bread, and of a high mountain, and of a height of the Temple. It reminded me of soda bread and Croagh Patrick and of my life in the Church.


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