War Is Here

War belonged to yesterday

To 1945

And war belonged to faraway

Vietnam Afghanistan

And war belonged to cinema

Remember The Longest Day

Now war is on our doorstep

And will not go away


And all the bombs are falling

And setting fire to homes

And citizens are calling

Do not leave us alone

Ukraine is invaded

The Russian bear at war

And a little man called Putin

Is responsible for it all


But he blames us the enemy

For aiming guns at him

For countries joining Nato

The same deserting him

A mighty nation mighty arms

And yet he fears the West

And someone will have to pay for it

I really do not jest


Stop the fighting stop the bombs

The first thing we must do

Gather at a table

Argue through and through

Better fighting over words

And over our intent

Than killing little children

Than killing the innocent


Brian Fahy

4 March 2022

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