An Old Photograph

An old photograph

Main St Bangor Erris

The row of houses

Reilly’s petrol pump

The door into the shop

Where mammy bought the food

The window of the parlour

Where we children sipped lemonade

And waited for Tom Conmy

To bring the Vanguard car

Don’t come too soon said Uncle Hugh

You know where we are


We had travelled far from Tyldesley

From coalmines cobbled streets

And left behind those accents

Of Bongs and Bent and Leigh

Now a breeze was in our face

And the smell of turf fires bright

The smoke like incense nostrils flared

Taking in delight


The road looks west Belmullet way

We will not go that far

But forking right and climbing

To the lake of Carrowmore

And round by Cloontiakilla

Big Turn coming soon

And along that boreen to the place

That became my lifetime’s dream


And after shouts from cousins

And boxty by the hearth

A walk down to the river

The place that gave us birth

The sound of rippling water

The bog brown river true

The flow of life forever

Welcomes, welcomes you


Brian Fahy

4 March 2022

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