Call of the Tax Collector

He won’t call me

I’m the lowest of the low

Even my own people

Do not want to know

So I sit here at my table

And count the money in

Everyone despises me

What I do is sin


And suddenly he calls me

I do not need to think

Certainly I’ll join him

Join him in a blink

Suddenly I’m clean again

Like breathing in fresh air

Not despised I live again

Gone is all my care


Often we feel unworthy

As though we’ve missed our chance

Messed up lost the plot

Why don’t you go to France

Lost the pride inside ourselves

Wasted what we had

Whatever others think of us

We know that we are bad


Then somebody calls us

Someone knows my name

Wants to spend time with us

Never be the same

Now reclaim your dignity

Know once more your worth

Bless the Lord who calls to you

And gives to you new birth


Brian Fahy

5 March 2022


+ Pope Francis, on being made bishop, took the motto that describes the call of the tax gatherer – miserando atque eligendo’. The Lord had mercy on him and called him. Francis strongly identified with this calling of Matthew. Often people go through their days feeling themselves to be the lowest of the low, for whatever reasons. Simple human contact and association can lift us from such depths of darkness.

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