Keep The Faith


I go to mass online everyday

Especially to hear the sermon

The word of God now broke

Being a preacher was my aim in life

Still is and so I write

Where once I spoke


The Gospel is the key to every life

It opens up the mystery

Helps us understand

Teaches us and leads us

Challenges and commands

And daily mass is wonderful

To lead us through the land


I knew it from the outset

Jesus is the way

And as he said himself

The truth the life

So I will never leave him

Though sometimes I have strayed

I will follow on behind him

Even when delayed


I found it hard to go back in the pew

After all those years spent further up

But parish priest was never my ambition

Just preacher and a listener

That is my condition


I got marooned in celibacy awhile

Didn’t do me good

Not my style

I met a girl and finally understood

This is my life

This will do me good


But faith in the good Lord endured the while

My faith is strong

No virtue on my part

Was it my mother’s prayerfulness?

My father’s manly way

Whatever it was it rooted deep

And stays until this day


So daily mass online

Keeps me on song

Sit and let the word of God speak

It won’t take long

And hope for a good sermon

We need the living word

And on my knees I thank the Lord

For all that I have heard


Brian Fahy

4 March 2022

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