Love Your Enemy

It is the bigger picture

The counter-facing foe

‘Democracy the enemy

Nato has to go’


This is not a war between

The evil and the good

Do not demonise the foe

Better to be understood


We’re not angels on this side

We have our faults as well

So understand your enemy

Look for truth to tell


We see Nato as defence

Alliance since the war

The enemy is Soviet

The great old Russian bear


Democracy is company

Discuss debate confer

But dictatorship is loneliness

Demand dismiss and stare


The challenge how to deal with him

Initiate the talk

Stop the bombing stop it now

Let’s learn how to walk


Brian Fahy

4 March 2022


+ The war in Ukraine exercises us all. It is easy to see the fault in our enemy. It is always easier to see the faults of others. The faults in ourselves we are often not even aware of. That is why mutual dialogue is so healthy for us all.


We have to live in this world with people we do not like, with people who become our enemies. We have to develop an ability to live with one another.

Once upon a time in Ireland there was a dispute between two neighbouring farms over a small piece of land. The son of the house was going to go and have it out with the neighbour when his mother pleaded with him not to go. Leave it be. Her reason – we are neighbours and we have to live our whole lives here side by side. A fierce argument now could mean years of silent feuding ever after.


To that mother it was more important to preserve good neighbourly relations and friendship than to allow a dispute to erupt into a local war.


This struggle for Ukraine and its people is also a struggle for Russia and its people. We must keep in mind the strong desire to live in peace with Russia even as we struggle to deal with a very difficult dictator.


Brian Fahy.


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