Desert of Depression

Like balloons

Full of air and flying

Our happy life goes on from day to day

But when depression strikes us

Deflated we fall to earth

Withdrawn within the cave of self

Struck dumb we cannot talk


Others try to help us

Give reasons we should live

Encourage or cajole us

Would give if they could give

But we are deaf to reason

We cannot raise a cheer

The spark has just gone out of us

The end the end we fear


But healing is not far away

It is waiting at the door

The threshold of your house

Where other spirits soar

The one demand – you take that step

Come out into the sun

Take a tablet possibly

And talk now to someone


The healing way is counselling

Talking with another

Who stands beside you resolute

Kindness at your shoulder

And helps unravel twisted life

So you can say it plain

My life is good and I am good

With all its joy and pain


Brian Fahy

22 February 2022

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