Prospects Drear

David’s day

Daffodils and spring

Around the corner what will this year bring?

Brightness of blue skies and everything

We could hope for

But for Mister Putin


Oh he brings dark skies

And warring noise

Claims he has the right

He has the toys!

A man alone fearful of the crowd

Europe on his doorstep

Making him feel cowed


Hitler had the mountains

Berchtesgaden height

Then he had the Wolf’s Lair

When he came to fight

And finally the bunker

When all the world was fright

And then the final gunshot

And Hitler said goodnight


Stalin had his purges

To rid himself of fears

But all they did was multiply

He almost came to tears

Saved by wily generals

When the war came near

He died alone did Uncle Joe

And many had a beer


This war we see beginning

This war is out of date

An old warhorse is sinning

It will seal his fate

The world’s moved on we’d like to think

Violence will not do

Time that we arrest him

Time for Russia too


Brian Fahy

1 March 2022

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