Banish Fear

Rulers who rule by force are afraid

And people who are ruled by force

Often live in fear

And fear cripples honest life

Takes away our power

We live a vicious circle

Salvation has no hour


Where there is acceptance

People enjoy trust

And honest life can flourish in the main

And if the trust is broken

Acceptance is withdrawn

Off with us to cast our vote

And we begin again


Hitler believed in endless war

The only way to be

Always an aggressor

Constant enemy

Without a foe to fight against

Retreat inside your head

Hide inside your bunker

A pill a gun and dead


America tipped into force

The march upon the hill

The persuasive power of lies

The threat is with us still

Populism a scary thing

Image most of all

We need a world of substance

Such was Obama’s call


The call of Jesus ever

Do not be afraid

This his abiding counsel

Whatever schemes are laid

Fear will only cripple you

Stand and face the foe

Truth and goodness always win

That’s what you need to know


Brian Fahy

25 February 2022

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