A Morning of Invasion


War makes things worse

Never better

Six years of his life my father fought

Millions died and why?

One angry man allowed to have his way

And Churchill went to war

No way could he win

Unless enemy mistakes

Brought the US in


We’ve been making films ever since

About the war and how we won

Does it convince? I think not

The waste of human life!

I could go on


What should we do?

Suffer wrong and let injustice win?

Yes and no the answer swift to that

If I was in Ukraine what would I do?

Get a gun? No, what is the point?


If a king goes to war against another king

Would he not first sit down and consider

Whether his 10 thousand could stand up

Against a king who marched against him with 20 thousand

Sit down and consider


Russia has been our problem all my lifetime

From when I was a child and altar boy

We prayed the prayers for Russia after Mass

I feared the Russian bear then as a child


Problem is the stand off cold contempt

The cold war again now hotting up

Putin is afraid the bottom line

And we’re no angels in the West

Throwing our weight about


So priests pray

And politicians prattle

Dictators do the deed

Cages rattle

Where’s the wise man now to stem the tide

Of war and words and blood and foolish pride


Brian Fahy

24 February 2022





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