Make My Day


Would have sided with Clint Eastwood

Retribution justice the order of the day

Stand up to all who threaten you

Take the sword in hand

No one should get away with it

Do you understand!


But Jesus knows his enemies will get him

Overwhelming force at their command

Offer the wicked man no resistance

Non-violence where he takes his stand


Yet he does not cower at their coming

Gethsemane encounter standing tall

When struck he asks the striker for the reason

If none then why did you strike at all?


To suffer as a recipe for action

Seems retrograde seems no point at all

Inflicting harm clearly has no traction

Only leads to war and others fall


But can we suffer? Can we cope with illness?

Can we suffer wrong and still do right?

Challenge yes but do not stoop to anger

Faithfulness will bring us to the light


Brian Fahy

17 February 2022


+ As Jesus says to Peter, suffering is not in human calculation. We move to fight all injustice. But God’s way involves the willingness to take on suffering as a path that leads to peace. It is the hardest thing to do.

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