Question Time

Police station


The questioning begins

Suspect with his head down

Hiding all his sins

Question follows question

To each the same reply

‘No comment’ is the answer

This is do or die


A straight bat now my one defence

To every ball that’s bowled

Just knock it dead don’t let it in

Don’t let the truth be told

So we dismiss a question

When the truth is hard to face

Better in denial

We fear we face disgrace


Sometimes we do not know ourselves

The answer that we seek

Until we find the question

To unlock our future bleak

And if we find the question

And are brave enough to ask

The answer will set us free

For tomorrow and its task


Brian Fahy

16 February 2022


+ Jesus asks his disciples a huge question. Who do you think I am? Until now that question has not been asked or aired at all. Inside themselves the disciples are unsure of the answer. They only know or sense or feel that Jesus is a genuine person. More than that they cannot say. Until the day comes when Jesus knows it is a good time to ask them. From somewhere deep inside himself Peter hears himself say, ‘You are the Christ.’ (Mark 8:27-33)

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