See Out the Storm

It’s wonderful here this morning

Absolutely glorious

Blazing sunshine bright blue sky

Joy all over us

But there’ll be a change in weather

I’ve been Whatsapped by my brother

Warning of the storms to come

We’re in for brutal weather


And Eastern skies are troublesome

A clash of weather systems

Politics of dictatorship

And democratic wisdoms

Dictators are never comfortable

Never can they rest

Their glory days are fitful

Their style far from the best


We all must be accountable

It’s the only way to live

The life of checks and balances

The great sail and the jib

And storms that come in personal life

May rock us for a time

But help from those who love us

Will bring us home just fine


Brian Fahy

15 February 2022


+ My parents’ generation lived through an age of dictators – Hitler, Stalin – and paid a heavy price for it. Dictators are dangerous and unstable characters, always fearful for their own safety.

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