Constant Gardener

‘Wimpeys’ up Shakerley Road

Post war built estate

Had all kinds of folk there

Their gardens would relate

Some had lawns so manicured

Quiet indoor folk

Others like up Devon Road

Gardening was a joke


We had garden front and back

And garden to the side

And Mammy made the most of it

Gardening was her pride

Lawn and flowers at the front

Crazy paving too

At the back our playground grass

A vegetable or two


Daddy laid a lawn out there

At mammy’s kind request

Smooth and beautiful it was

Equal with the best

Then one day on coming home

Consternation and surprise

Mammy had turned it over

Potatoes in her eyes


And in old age the bungalow

Became their Ponderosa

Flowers again and shrubs again

Wonderful! You knows her

And sure enough potatoes

And vegetables I know

Just like in Glencullen

All those years ago


Brian Fahy

14 February 2022


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