Human Discovery

Hide and Seek my grandsons love to play

The joy of hunting the thrill of being found

The choosing of the hideaway

The counting up to ten

Ready or not I’m coming

All quiet in their den


Noah only two needs help to play

Lift me into the laundry basket

The instructions of the day

And even though he knows I know

His secret hideaway

His joyful face when found

Steals my heart away


That is the joy of every life

The joy of being found

Your quiet self discovered

Your spirit underground

Come out into the open

Now we know you’re there

Wonderful to see you

Join us in the air


Brian Fahy

14 February 2022


+ The Pharisees today ask Jesus for a sign from heaven. They have seen so much of Jesus, yet they have not found him. (Mark 8:11-13)

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