Blessings and Woes

What do you say to people?

When you come down from the mountain

Who think you have words of life to say

They are not going to win the lottery

Nothing ‘s going to change

Do we journey on Titanic?

Deck chairs to rearrange


He turns our seeing upside down

Challenges attitude

Tells us what true riches are

Challenges our mood

Learn from me he says to us

Meek and humble of heart

Greatness found in little things

So now make a start


Be as little children

Simplicity is best

Be wholehearted in what you do

Give your life true zest

Give your energy to love

Communicate sincere

Thank the Lord for who you are

To his heart draw near


Brian Fahy

13 February 2022


+ This evening I watched a programme about Jo Cox MP who was cruelly murdered in June 2016. She was full of love and full of life. Her killer, Thomas Mair, had a sad and lonely life that led him onto isolated fantasy and fierce and unexpressed angers. Nothing is so dangerous to our health as isolation and lack of human connectedness.

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