Her voice was so imperious

She really was the queen

She lectured us and scolded us

Sometimes would vent her spleen

But I found her quite censorious

A Tory through and through

Right and right and always right

Blue and blue and blue


He was strident awful

Kicking at the goad

The world was all against him

On him it laid its load

He called the world to follow him

Bring down the ancient foe

Divided his own community

The vote would have to go


The voice today is bumbling

Blustering and blue

Talking up old England

Opportunities so new

We need a voice of honesty

From the other side

A stable steady person

In our swirling tide


Brian Fahy

13 February 2022


+ I came back to the UK from studies in Italy in 1984 to be met by the voices of Thatcher and Scargill. Tory time in office might be heading for a close for a while. We are ruled by Tories with occasional spells of Labour. Fintan O’Toole’s new book could well lend its title to the UK at present – We don’t know ourselves.

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