Handing On

My son a young and busy man

A family to feed

Young boys to rear and care for

Attending to their need

A home to make

Work to do

All the daily grind

Often sees him tired

Still his heart is kind


I have no such business

No demands are made on me

Well now past the pension age

I am fancy free

I have enough to live on

The shop is down the road

Each day a day I call my own

I have no heavy load


But yet there is a calling

Things that I must do

Get up in the morning

Thank God I can tie my shoe

Keep my house in order

Occupy the mind

Pray for those who may need prayers

Remember to be kind


We have a wisdom to impart

Now that we are old

I don’t mean laying down the law

Or getting others told

But the power of example

A peaceful gentle way

To leave with others watching us

To help them in their day


Brian Fahy

12 February 2022

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