Sports Report


I must declare an interest

I don’t like Man United

Having said that

There are other things to say

They make life miserable for themselves

By demanding pure success

They have no patience in this life

They have entitlement excess


When ‘Fergie time’ was over

They should have realised

A time for fallow years

Let the club renew

But no a new Messiah

Must instantly be found

And so poor David Moyes

Was worn into the ground


Old Trafford intimidating

Its high-rise stands look down

And the folk that gather there

Always wear a frown

Can’t cope with losing

They bought success you see

And now the noisy neighbours

Are enjoying a degree


They think they are the greatest

They tell you to your face

Superiority complex

Really a disgrace

The money and the multitude

A burden round the neck

Thank God I support a little team

The Wanderers by eck!


Brian Fahy

12 February 2022


+ Football is a wonderful game and Man United have been wonderful exponents of it, especially in the Busby years. But money is threatening to destroy the game. It has already removed meaningful competition from most clubs. It has also destroyed many young lives, young men who do not know how to handle money or fame. Bolton Wanderers nearly went out of business because of financial mismanagement. Thank the Lord we have a good management now.

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