Old Albums

Yesterday ‘s a lovely place to visit

Provided you don’t stay there all the time

Like Kiltane church by the Owenmore what is it

That draws me back to claim it and its clime


Larkin’s poem ‘Church Going’ how I love it

That thud shut door closing him inside

The stone floor and every thing he sees above it

Cause him to wonder his thoughts he does not hide


And I went back to yesterday this morning

Remembering old times the way I came

But today is calling too a brand new dawning

Thank God for it nothing stays the same


We live in flowing time we must keep swimming

The people of the past no longer there

Look ahead if you would be winning

They are ahead of us we wonder where


Old albums that I have no longer draw me

They’ll be history books for grandsons then to read

It’s today and tomorrow occupy me

Food for body and food for soul I need


Today is what we have and it is fleeting

We’ll say goodbye and let it slip away

But not ourselves our lives are made for meeting

And love – it will abide it’s here to stay


Brian Fahy

10 February 2022

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