Life and Death

I lifted my phone

And heard my sister sobbing

She’s gone, Brian, she’s gone

I heard her say

Half one in the morning

She had stayed with her all night

Held her hand until the end

Till she was out of sight


She always does that my sister

Stands at the gate and waves

And watches till the car escapes from view

Like we did as children

The day we’d leave the glen

Looking back at the old place

Till we’d round the turn


And mammy in her work days

In the old folks home

Sat through the night and held the hand

Of old ones going home

Folk for whom no one came

Neither visited or stayed

Mammy kept the vigil

Mammy stayed and prayed


Saint Joseph spouse of Mary

Our patron when we die

Francis now reminds us

Think of him and pray

Pray for a good and peaceful end

Help others in your turn

As we live so let us die

Together not alone


Brian Fahy

9 February 2022


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