Deaf and Dumb

They’ll clear my ears for free the advert says

A few drops of oil to soften wax

And then the suction job

I’ve had it done before

It’s very good

Now you’re deaf

Now you’re out the wood


I’ve always had a problem with my ears

A weeping ear at birth

My mammy said

Now I have the hearing aids

You see them everywhere

All the old folk now

Tuned in on the air


A man is brought to Jesus

Impediment in speech

And deafness may have contributed to that

For when we cannot hear right

Our speaking suffers too

Pronunciation difficult

Oft times goes askew


And if we would speak well again

In conversation kind

In thoughtful words

In eloquence

In speech that’s sure and sound

We need cured of our deafness

Our inability to hear

The word of God that’s spoken to us

Let us each day draw near


Brian Fahy

10 February 2022

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