The Harm We Do

My father was a long-range sniper

Royal Artillery

But he also killed a lad up close

A thing he never told me

Long-range snipers do not see

The damage that they do

But infantry are one to one

Who dies? It’s me or you


And evil in our world ‘s arm’s length

It’s comfortable that way

Only when we get up close

Does fear begin to prey

And Internet is all arm’s length

Computer click and clash

We do not care now what we say

Or do – we’re on the lash


Evil starts inside my heart

An intention to cause harm

If I ignore my weakness

I will cause alarm

And I’ll deny – it wasn’t me

I’ll hide away from truth

It’s light too bright I shun it now

What happened to my youth?


Brian Fahy

9 February 2022


+ The Gospel list of evils is worth meditating on every day, to see all the harm that is done in the world every day, and to recognise our own part in it.


Fornication, theft, murder,

Adultery, avarice, malice

Deceit, indecency, envy

Slander, pride, folly

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