I Am a Sinful Man


I know we’ve done away with sin

Confession is now redundant

But evil hasn’t gone away

It seems in the ascendant

And evil things need naming

And bringing to the light

We need to confess we’re sinners

Be ready for the fight


Sex trafficking is rampant

A massive industry

Young girls from Romania

Stolen from family

Seduced abused and trafficked

Money to be made

They won’t ever see it

Fodder for the trade


The human heart is made for love

Broken it becomes perverse

Leads us into selfish ways

Perhaps to something worse

Jesus names the sins for us

They happen every day

On my knees I will confess

And for his pardon pray


Brian Fahy

8 February 2022


+ Watched a programme on BBC above the trafficking of girls from Romania to the UK. It is frightening what happens to these girls.


In Mark’s Gospel (7:14-23) Jesus lists the sins that proceed from the human heart that is not in tune with God.


Fornication, theft, murder

Adultery, avarice, malice

Deceit, indecency, envy

Slander, pride, folly




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