Earthen Vessels

‘They pumped shame into the air

And we all breathed it in’

Marian Keyes on Ireland

Catholicism and sin


I recognise I recognise

That mood that atmosphere

The Church’s domination

Held everyone in fear


Then about depression

That I am all alone

I recognise I recognise

My heart is as a stone


She has that Irish gift for words

She discovered that she could

If you’re going to tell a story

By God you’d better be good


The gospel is the purest grace

But we often preach it wrong

Artists help us get it right

When good writers come along


Brian Fahy

8 February 2022


+ Watched a programme about the Irish writer, Marian Keyes. Her experiences of the catholic Ireland of her youth, her sojourn in London, her descent into alcoholism, her recovery, her discovering of her ability to write, her falling into depression and recovery – all have found their way into her stories of life.


The Church is entrusted, by the Lord with the preaching of the Gospel, yet our recent history gives many examples of how people in the Church have misunderstood the spirit of the Lord. Ireland holds great examples of this. We are only earthen vessels and we often get it wrong.

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