The Court of Herod

We make fools of ourselves for women

My father said one time

I don’t know what his memory was

But I do remember mine

And today we see King Herod

Eaten up with lust

Ready to give her anything

Because he must he must


His court was full of gossip

Who is this Jesus guy?

Everyone had opinions

Herod was haunted by

And down beneath the banquet hall

A voice he tried to still

And yet he went to visit him

For goodness has its thrill


But in the end a luscious lass

Dances in his face

And turns his thoughts to luxury

His desires to a disgrace

He promises the world to her

In payment for delight

Her mother calls the payment in

His head I want this night


Our world is full of gossip

Of notions fierce and foul

And sexual temptation

And sights to make us drool

And truth is buried underground

Imprisoned from the sun

But still it rises every day

The truth will out my son


Brian Fahy

4 February 2022

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