We copy what we see

That’s how we learn

We have copybooks at school

Now my turn

A boy follows his father

Across the lawn

His footsteps in his father’s

I saw one morn


Jesus in the villages

Speaks his living word

And brings his healing touch

Wherever he is heard

Then sends his own disciples

To do as he has done

You’ve seen me do it

Now it is your turn


The way I live

Gives witness to the world

This is human life

How it is told

Witness and example

Each and every day

Brightens up the darkness

Tells us it’s this way


Brian Fahy

3 February 2022


+ One day many years ago I saw my little nephew, Martyn, following his father across the lawn, and deliberately stepping into the places where his father’s feet had just trod.


At the beginning of his mission Jesus travels around the villages of Galilee with his disciples, and when they have seen what he does, he sends them out to do the same.


My daily life can be a positive contribution to the well being of the world by the simple way I live it. Others will see, and what we see has a powerful influence on us.

Brian Fahy.


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