Wandering Sheep

Are we sheep without a shepherd?

It sure feels like that

Rich and poor a great divide

Women assaulted

Women died

Cost of living through the roof

Covid casualties

Parties proof

Alcohol and drugs abound

Police under pressure

Are they sound?

Social messaging oh so cruel

Bullying tactics add more fuel

Daily deaths upon the road

No longer news just how it goes

Truth the casualty of war

Will Trump return? God help us all


Are we sheep without a shepherd?

Yes it seems we are

We need a quiet wisdom

Don’t need to look too far

Come away to a quiet place

Do that yourself each day

Listen to the teaching Lord

Be still be calm and pray


Be the change you want to see

In a world so wild

Be a shepherd to those sheep

You find at your side


Brian Fahy

4 February 2022


+ It is very easy to feel lost and helpless in these troubled times. We are fed a daily diet of woes around the world, and our own society faces big issues for social fairness and peace.


Crowds would not give Jesus any peace either in his day and sought him out in their hunger for life. Jesus advises rest and quietness for his tired disciples, but also does not turn his back on the people who seek his help. He sets himself to teach them his way of life. (Mark 6:30-34)


Brian Fahy.

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