Home Ground

Tyldesley town was terraces

Coal mines cotton mills

Rows and rows of red brick

Red step and polished sills

Two up two down narrow streets

Back yard outside loo

Rag and bone on cobbled streets

Nothing there to view


When the war was over

Wimpeys came to town

Or rather came to Shakerley

Opened up new ground

Houses built on farmers’ fields

Gardens back and front

Open sky and happy days

Wages knew no want


Tyldesley then was skyline

Manhattan now for me

Highrise on the Tyldesley bank

All that I could see

Shakerley was freedom

Fun and sweet fresh air

I lived in a post war world

Far from anywhere


David lived in Henry Street

Old town Tyldesley style

I lived in the countryside

Outside about a mile

Now David lives in Monaco

I in Stirling town

But fondly I remember

The place I call Home Ground


Brian Fahy

2 February 2022



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