Early Days

What stories can I tell of my first days?

Only what my mother told to me

How we lived in an attic room

In Aunty Katie’s house

Across the road from where the film star lived

Robert Donat many years before

And how the winter cold drove me to the bottom of my pram

And how she found me there

And how a Redemptorist missioner came and said hello

And gave a special blessing to the child

And how on this day February 2nd

A Sunday in 1947

They took me to the church to be baptised

And the priest who poured the water over me

Was called Hope, Father Hope

A cheerful sign


And not long after that we moved away

And came to Tyldesley where we made our home

And stayed at uncle Tommy’s for a year and more

Warm welcomed there by Aunty Lily

Whom mammy never forgot

Not a catholic but best of the lot

Tricia born there September 11th

And then the homes in Shakerley were built

And Mum and Dad had the pick of them

Walking round one weekend just to view

And choosing 16 Rutland Road for them

And there we lived our childhood days

‘Up Wimpeys’ as they used to say back then


It was bliss


Brian Fahy

2 February 2022


+ My first homes:

   19 St Paul’s Road, Withington, Manchester


   35 Cranworth Avenue, Astley, Tyldesley


   16 Rutland Road, Tyldesley



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