(Jairus means ‘God who awakens, or God who enlightens.’)


Sometimes we lose hope

Sometimes our hope dies

All we lived and longed for

Tears now fill our eyes


Sunshine’s early morning

Turned to grey at noon

Evening brings more shadows

Night time spells our doom


We need a touch to lighten us

We need to feel the sun

We need the wind to freshen us

We must begin again


Just step out in the morning

Don’t sit glum inside

One small step is all it takes

To break the devil’s pride


Being well’s important

So-so will not do

Life is all around us

It’s important – so are you


Brian Fahy

1 February 2022


+ A woman is healed of a twelve-year affliction. A young girl is raised from death. We live in a wounded world. Our own lives bear the scars. Physical ailments are many: Spiritual sufferings even more. Life requires our spirit to be well. The old man in Geesala, Pap Coyle said it well. ‘There is no secret to it. Just do the best you can and make each day a good day for yourself.’ When we are at our lowest we need to take the one small step to help ourselves. To reach out to someone who can help us. To go outside and to walk in the good air. To ask God to revive you.


In writing my verses, I just need to find the first line. Once I do I know it will lead somewhere. So with life. Find your first line and go with it.


Brian Fahy.

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