The Home Place

There’s a photo of me somewhere

Sitting on Blackpool beach

Sand in my toes

Happiness out of reach

Another photo shows me

In Glencullen side

Happy in my mother’s home

Feeling Mayo pride


It took a year of saving

To make that holiday

A miner’s wage she put aside

The shillings for the ride

More than just a holiday

Going home it was

Visiting her mother

A widow way out west


And when the years were flown away

And she a widow too

She went back home to Mayo

To make the circle true

My father too had journeyed far

From mine to war and mine

His end days found him home again

Beside where it began


I lost my home at eleven years old

Gone into the Church

Taken from my family

Felt the orphan touch

But finally I found my way

Margaret her name

And here I found my loving home

And home it will remain


Brian Fahy

23 January 2022


+ Home is a very precious place. We begin life at home. We leave home to venture out into life in the hope of finding and making our own home. We are blessed if later life finds us happy in our own home. True life begins and ends in home.

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